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The Lovers, the Dreamers and You consists of some very creative minds…

Here’s a little bit about them… in alphabetical order.

(followed by pics of some pets…. why not?)

TLTDAY team - a group of cool cats!


Luke Bainbridge – Producer

Luke Bainbridge

Luke was born in the small town of St. Thomas, ON, just south of London.  From an early age he showed interest in the arts, first expressing his creativity through the visual arts, specifically drawing and painting in high school.  When he left for the Big City of Toronto he was inspired to take a greater interest in music and honed his skills on guitar, mainly teaching himself in the time he spent procrastinating against homework.

Luke came to the theatrical arts upon his return to London and made his stage debut in Ken Ludwig’s The Three Musketeers.  This is where he met his friend Ceris and some would say a monster was born during that first show.  He is involved in many local theatre productions as an actor and behin-the-scenes know-it-all.

In his spare time Luke likes to produce podcasts, design websites and drink massive amounts of coffee.

Kerry Hishon – Guest Host

Kerry Hishon

Kerry Hishon is an actress, director, playwright and stage combatant. She is a member of Art of Combat where she practices and hones her skills as a combatant.  She loves stage combat because she enjoys kicking ass and looking powerful while not actually harming anyone.  She also enjoys teaching and directing youth theatre.

Kerry is known for her lack of a poker face and frequent outbursts of thoughts and ideas.  She loves trying new things and having new experiences.  She also loves making crafts, reading, yoga, listening to music, eating sushi and spending time with her fiancé Shawn.

Kerry has about a million goals and dreams but her current ones include travelling (especially to New Orleans so she can go to Mardi Gras), collecting more stage weapons, learning to use her sewing machine and writing a one-woman show to tour the Fringe circuit.

Kerry’s favourite Muppet is Animal.  This makes a lot of sense when you get to know her.

In September 2013, Kerry married Shawn Clark and is now a happily married lady.

Kerry blogs at http://kerryhishon.com/.

Matt Stewart – Guest Host

Matt Stewart

Matt Stewart is a London, ON based visual artist who is always looking for new and exciting ways to extend the boundaries of what defines a certain medium, or ‘type’ of art.

Currently working to put himself through a Masters Programme in Art Therapy, Matt also keeps occupied by acting and singing in community musical theatre. Matt first discovered his passion for singing and acting in high school after he unsuccessfully auditioned for Godspell in his grade 9 year. After that, he made it a goal to get casted in the next musical so he began taking drama classes, as well as joined his high school improve team where he began to develop and hone his skills as an actor. It all paid off when he later got casted as Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors, landing his first role ever in grade 11. From there on in, Matt kept up singing in the Timmins Concert Singers, and once he moved to London, he continued acting with Musical Theatre Productions.

Matt has always been a passionate person, giving his best effort all the time and always striving for a better outcome. From a very young age he always made sure he put his whole being into whatever it was he was doing, and continues to this day. If you looked through Matt’s bag, the one which he carries around every day, you would find his day planner, a small sketchbook, a set of pencils, pens, and the odd Sharpie. This is the biggest way in which he manages to stay creative and keep a log of every idea that comes to his mind.

Possibilities are endless, and that is what keeps Matt Stewart inspired.

Matt also has a YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUZlx_LHsNP4MZaa0MckATw

Ceris Thomas – Blogger and Host

Ceris Thomas

Ceris is a Performing Artist, an aspiring visual artist, a Director/Choreographer, an Educator and a motivator. Not necessarily in that order – it depends on the day. She love Muppets and all things Jim Henson. She never wants to stop learning and she is always fascinated by what inspires others to be creative.

Ceris likes cats and penguins. She once started crying when she got to visit some penguins. It was sad really, but she is easily moved. She laughs loud and long and her friends know when she’s in the audience. Ceris sees no point in holding back as life is too short to not live it out loud. She was inspired to start podcasting because she really felt she had too much time on her hands.

Ceris has a husband and a cat and they live in a house that is almost 100 years old.It needs love, care and money. She can provide two of those things.

And now… the Podcast Pets!

(they are pretty relaxed pets – spoiled is probably the right word)

Captain Malcolm Reynolds

Holly Cat


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  1. Of course, I had to check out your blog! I admire you for making the time to do it amidst all the other things you have to do (including teaching my kid) and you’ve inspired me! Thank you for sharing.

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