Cue to Cue…. standing by….

Today is setting all the lights and sound cues for the show. I really enjoy this process. It’s another one of those phases that feels tedious, but once it is complete, you’ve added so much to the overall look and feel of the show.

When you have an expert team as well, then the whole thing can be very entertaining and fulfilling. As my wonderful lighting designer builds each cue, I see dimensions of the set that weren’t apparent before. It is truly amazing what coloured light shone from different directions can do for furniture, paintings and costumes. Not to mention how different people look when light isn’t florescent.

As we work through each cue it constantly amazes me how people will work to their utmost when given the chance to try out their ideas. Any show will progress a great deal during this process, the actors are so focused in helping their tech team to practice and perfect their changes that I find their performances become even more focused than before. And of course the tech team is so focused as they know that they have a very limited amount of time to get their work perfected.

It’s all so very exciting. Isn’t it? If you’ve never experienced it, you need to do so.

Join us, next time… won’t you?