Here in Montreal…

So, late last night we arrived at our hotel – which was tricky to find, because even though it is in the heart of the city and on the hotel strip it looks like an older apartment building and feels like one step up from a hostel. It’s not bad, but it’s… affordable.

However, kitty corner to the hotel is a wonderful Brasserie where we had a very late dinner. The food was wonderful – simple but oh so good, and the beers were incredible. And all brewed in house. Very nice service too. Made super suggestions for us to try. Really great.

While standing outside the hotel and waiting for the husband to retrieve something from the car, my Muppetsense began to tingle. I could hear the melody of The Whistling Caruso in the air. I wanted to run in that direction, but I was sensible and stayed. Had I run, I would have discovered an outdoor screening of The Muppets in downtown Montreal. While I was hungry and tired, (and thirsty), a part of me wished I had run. Ah well.

On to new adventures today. We are going to source out some Starbucks and make our way to the Montreal Science Centre to see if we can score tickets for their Star Wars Exhibition. Muppetsense will we on the alert today.

Author: Ceris Thomas

Ceris is a creative person. She teaches by day - and finds as much creativity in her job as she can and by night, (and during every spare minute she has), she creates through directing/choreographing and performing plays, drawing, writing, podcasting and now, sewing puppets. She likes to help others find and nurture their creativity and she loves finding out about other people's path to their own creative projects.

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