Six Ways to Refocus When You are Trying to Write… But Want to Rebel

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I am going through a serious case of writer’s block. I’ve got various creative projects that I need to work on and right now, all I want to do is jump in the car and drive someplace where it isn’t cold.

These prompts are aimed at writers, but can be adapted and used by anyone currently suffering from “artist’s block” or feeling stagnant, stuck, or otherwise blah.

1)  Free write.

I have a secret blog that I write in when I’m feeling frustrated or stuck. Sometimes just getting your feelings out can really help. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar. Nobody has to see it but you. Just write – paragraphs, run-on sentences, lists, mind maps. While you’re at it, try changing the font style or colour for fun. Who says you can’t write in pink?

2)  Write by hand.

Close your computer, grab a notebook or piece of paper, and do some writing by hand. It forces you to slow your thoughts a bit. Draw little pictures or designs in the margins while you’re at it.

3)  Shock your system.

If you’re overheated, drink some cold water or jump in a pool. If you’re freezing, take a hot shower or make some hot chocolate. Yes, all these suggestions have to do with water of some sort. Your body is made up of a ton of water, and most of us don’t get nearly enough in our systems. So rehydrate. You’ll feel better.

(Going to a coffeeshop and getting a latte totally counts. It requires getting dressed and getting out of the house, so if anything, you get double points for this one.)

4)  Productive procrastination.

I’m sure you have another task that you could do in the meantime while you’re trying to force yourself to write. Why not go do it for a bit? Maybe you need to reorganize your closet, finish a knitting project, or snuggle your cat. Set a timer for an hour and go do that for a while. Then come back and try writing again.

5)  (Re)mix it up.

I’m normally one of those people who needs silence to write, but today that’s just not helping. Go on Spotify or Pandora or Bandcamp and listen to some new music. Search for music to represent how you’re feeling. I’m liking the “Electronic Concentration” playlist on Spotify right now.

6)  Stop judging yourself. Now.

I know you’re doing it… that’s most likely one of the reasons why you aren’t writing anything. You’re probably thinking “I could do ______ but it’s stupid” or “I could write about ______ but it’s already been done before.” Your voice is important. Your thoughts are important. Your story needs to be told and heard. So write something… even if it’s just a sentence. You took a step in the right direction!


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