Teachers don’t want or need coffee mugs…. ever.

We are getting close to another winter break in the school year and many students and parents will be trying to think of some small token to give to the teacher who keeps the kid happy, engaged… and safe during the school hours (and then some). Here is one thing that teachers don’t want or need – ever…. another coffee mug.

Do we drink coffee… sure! Most of us do. Some don’t start off drinking coffee. Maybe they are tea drinkers or a cola soft drink because they prefer things cold – but eventually ever. single. teacher. needs a vessel for caffeine. BUT…. and this is a big but… they already have… plently. Honestly, they do.

Unless you are going to plate one in gold and engrave the teachers name on something that your child created with their own hands and forged in the fires of… whatever… don’t get your teacher another mug. Just… don’t. We beg you.

If you feel you must provide a token of appreciation (and honestly you don’t need to do that), think personal and specific. The more specific you can get, the better – ask your student about their teacher(s) – a reminder, don’t send something to one teacher and not the prep teacher who takes your student to the gym or art or music – those folks deserve your appreciation just as much (if not more) than the “regular” classroom teacher.

Supplies they can use in the classroom are great. Gift cards are great – coffee, food, WINE, books, pens, etc. these are all great because then the teacher can choose and make a selection that will help them. But, if you have the time, knowledge and inclination to search for something really personal, that can make all the difference.

Failing that… the BEST thing you and your student can offer is a special note on a personally created card (or any other attempt at art work) is your best option because it will resonate with the teacher in a way that no box of chocolates, (we don’t need the calories), or coffee mug could ever manage.

Author: Ceris Thomas

Ceris is a creative person. She teaches by day - and finds as much creativity in her job as she can and by night, (and during every spare minute she has), she creates through directing/choreographing and performing plays, drawing, writing, podcasting and now, sewing puppets. She likes to help others find and nurture their creativity and she loves finding out about other people's path to their own creative projects.

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